A detailed guide on pothos, the most common houseplant for the newbies to get along with easily. This guide shows how much water, light, soil, fertilizer is required for your pothos and the right way to grow them healthy.

Pothos is very low-maintenance and hardy plants. They need less attention and care to grow healthy and faster. As a beginner, this plant will be an easy companion to get along with. This indoor plant is a spectacular piece of decoration for your indoor spaces. With the proper care, it…

With the peak of the winter season and mid pandemic crisis, frequently hand-washing and wearing a face mask for long hours might give you worrisome of dry and cracked skin.

Following WHO and CDC covid-19 precautions, you need to add up a few elements in your self-care to have healthy…

What’s your skin type? Care to know your skin!

It’s common that our skin type changes based on weather and climate. So the first step regarding your skin is to identify which skin type do you have!

With that, you will be sure what right skincare routine you have to…

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A taker & a giver of an advice. Love to read & like to write —lifestyle, skincare regimen, cultural and social issues! Tea addicted.

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