Shekab app redesign — UI/UX case study

A Case Study on Shekab Redesign

What is Shekab?

Why we redesign Shekab

Roles and Responsibilities

Goals for the redesign

Design Process

User Research

Heuristics Evaluation & Paint Points Analysis

Current UI of Shekab — Login Screen
Current Shekab — Home Screen
Current Shekab — Booking Process

Competitor Research

The design challenge:


No.of Personas 3


Brainstorming — Myself and Sidra


Task Flows

Basic Task Flow of Home (MVP)

Paper Sketch:

Some of the Paper Sketches by Myself and Sidra

The Solution — High fidelity Wireframes

First Time User — On-boarding Screen
Redesign — Login Screen

We use card layout for the booking process in steps by applying Hick’s law approach.

Using Hick’s Law — Redesign Booking Screen
Redesign — Driver Selection Screen
Redesign — Location Details & Map
Redesign — Time and Date picker
Redesign — Hamburger Menu for Secondary Tasks
Payment Screen using Miller’s Law
Complete Payment Screen
Refund Screen
Redesign — Rate a Driver Screen
Help Screen

Usability Testing


Credit: Unsplash



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